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Rural farms integrated to sustainable tourism, as a lever for growth and development of rural populations; at the same time they promote wealth creation, they contribute to environment preservation and fight against youth unemployment, rural exodus and poverty..

First experimental and operational farm of the chain of "Fermes RUrales Intégrées au Tourisme du Sénégal (FRUITS)", the Ecogite "Degg-Jamm de Nguerigne" is located in the heart of a garden and orchard near a vegetable perimeter In the town of Sindia, located near the "Petite Côte" south of Dakar and only 25 minutes from the International Airport Blaise Diagne (AIBD).

Truly integrated in a natural and pleasant flowery rural complex, the Ecogite is labeled "Senegal Ecogites".

"Senegal Ecogites" label is the first label for ecological lodging house in Senegal. It offers the originality of a new model of tourism development, at the same time alternative, responsible and sustainable based on strong values ​​such as:

  • ownership and effective involvement of local communities in the activities and management, value creation and wealth to fund additional activities, redistribution of income, etc..

  • interactivity, exchange and effective participation of persons residing in the daily activities of the Ecogite (gardening, irrigation, market, kitchen, etc.).

  • use of clean and renewable energy (solar panels for lighting, pump and water distribution, solar ovens for cooking some of the foods, local clay oven for making bread with local cereals etc. .)

  • enhancement of cultural and craft products, as well as culinary specialties of the region based on the results of scientific research in relation with Institutes specialized on Food.

  • the use of villagers artisans' expertise and know-how and labor of local people

  • the use of materials, supplies and salvage in the construction of boxes (clay, leaves, bark, roots and branches of some trees)

  • awareness and regeneration of village nurseries for the rehabilitation of some endangered species for periodicals reforestation campaigns.

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