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The firm wish of reserving a welcome at the same time family, friendly, warm and worth, in the respect and ceremonial of Senegalese traditional hospitality and cultural values ​​guided the choice of a rural receptive of human scale.

This is why the voluntary limitation of accommodation capacity to 12 double rooms, allowing the possibility to about twenty people, the time to stay, to share the same space, the same activities and realities, to live together, exchange and learn from each other's experiences and with populations of a host country, worlds apart, with the aim of better understanding, tolerance and dialogue among peoples.

To this dimension, and in view of the ongoing research of the best originality/cost/quality ratio, not inconsistent with the requirement of comfort, hygiene and safety, coupled with the focus on the judicious choice of renewable energy, materials and supplies dealers (including geo-based concrete clay and laterite promoting permanent preservation of freshness in the rooms), equipment and furniture, based primarily on the revaluation of the lifestyle of villagers, expertise and know-how of local craftsmen.

Everything is implemented in a simple but warm and natural environment, to allow visitors to find all their sensibilities in symbiosis with nature.


Beyond meetings with populations visited, specialties and local food is one of the best memories we keep from traveling. It's just one aspect of the identity and personality of a people.

In this respect, Senegal has a real map to develop and, especially since the results of many scientific and technical research, undertaken by food Institutes are made available to people in the context of the promotion of local products but especially in the fight against hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

In this regard, by continuously highlighting criteria of hygiene and safety, the ecogite Degg Jamm is part of this dynamic by offering discovery and tasting of fresh garden produce (vegetables), farm (poultry, mutton, beef) and orchard (fruit and citrus) and local specialties, served in a natural area under mango trees, while remaining open to qualitative contributions of international gastronomy.

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